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Shedrub Choekhor Ling   Monastery  and Buddhist Centre opened its doors in September 2010. It is located on Mount Salève in Haute-Savoie, 25 min from Geneva.

It obtained the legal status of Congregation by the  French Ministry of the Interior in September 2013.  The temple was inaugurated by His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama on August 12, 2011.


It is under  spiritual authority of  His Holiness  the Dalai Lama  and  was awarded  name  "The Garden of the Wheel of Dharma for Education and Practice."

It operates under the auspices of the monastic university Drepung Gomang (rebuilt in India) and follows the Tibetan tradition.  


The association "Sangha on Salève" manages  activities under the governance of the monastery Shedrub Choekhor Ling.      

The  temple, is open to everyone from Friday to Sunday 


The  monastic part includes two levels reserved for monks and lamas .

Lower levels with a meditation room, library and  dorms reserved for Sangha sur Saleve association members..

Association Sangha sur Salève
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